IDM Corporation will supply value-added precision sheet metal manufacturing to our Customer Base.  We will be the market leaders in quality, delivery and cost.  This will be achieved through the integration of satisfied customers, suppliers, and employees.  IDM will utilize creative ideas, technology, and partnerships to achieve world class manufacturing.


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Integrated Dynamic Metals!



Integrated Dynamic Metals Corporation is a fully-equipped precision sheet metal fabricator located in Marlborough, Massachusetts. We offer state-of-the-art technology, along with a professional staff that is committed to providing effective solutions whether it's assisting your staff during product design for manufacturability, achieving lower costs while maintaining product integrity, or producing a functional prototype and pre-production lot. We are proud of our reputation for placing our customer's needs first. We believe this attitude is the most important contributor to the success of both IDM and the customers we serve.


IDM understands the critical nature of delivering our customer's product with shorter lead times while remaining cost efficient. During the production cycle, we continuously review our processes and fabrication techniques to identify new ways of improving your product and contributing to its success. And now, we take our dedication to the next level by offering our customers the Emergency Manufacturing Service.  Our *EMS!* consists of IDM Staff ready to provide immediate assistance in emergencies to get our customers back up and running with minimal downtime. See our Contact page for information.


IDM boasts the latest technology for design engineering and fabrication that allows us to produce parts directly from customer's electronically-transferred CAD files. These systems, combined with our laser center, enable us to generate prototype sheet metal fabrications within hours of receiving files. This is true rapid sheet metal prototyping.